Error when printing proposals

This article is for  "The OnGrid Tool is unable to open OnGrid Proposals.xlsm (or your file name). Reselect it on the 'Settings & Support' sheet and try this again."

If you are receiving this error for a specific proposal template, it is important to make sure you have the correct Proposal Workbook in the OnGrid Tool. You can identify which Proposal Workbook the OnGrid Tool is looking for by doing the following:

  • Click "Proposal Template Design & Review" in row 337 of the "Settings & Support" worksheet.
  • Select the desired Proposal Template in the top right box of the window that pops up
  • The file name of the Proposal Workbook will be shown in the box in the bottom right (see the image below).




  • Go to the "Settings & Support" worksheet and go to the Proposal Workbooks section starting in row 330.
  • Click "Add or Remove Proposal Workbook" in row 337.
  • Click "Select a Proposal Workbook" in the window that pops up
    • Navigate to your "OnGrid" folder. The Proposal Workbook should be located in a folder called "OnGrid Files"
      • If using a custom Proposal Workbook, it may not necessarily be located in your OnGrid Files folder.
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