I got a pop up saying, "There was an error during code operation. The task was cancelled." What's going on?

Multiple issues can cause that error:

  • Double-clicking a blue link in the Tool. Please single-click these links instead.
  • If the error happens after starting up the Tool, it might be because the MasterFile was corrupted. Please contact Technical Support to fix this.
  • If the error happens after clicking on "Print Preview," it might be because the printer selected in Excel has a "Status Unavailable" or "Unable to Connect" status. Please go to File -> Print in Excel and switch to a printer with a "Ready" or "Offline" status. If there is no other physical printer present, you can use the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" in Windows. Then do a print preview as you'd normally would.
  • Using a 64-bit version of Excel. For best results please use a 32-bit version instead.
  • Trying to save more than approximately 300 to 1300 customers in a single customer database on Mac OS X. In such cases, please save new and changed customers to a new, fresh customer database. Please contact Technical Support if you're unsure how. Do not delete customers from the old database; this can crash Excel.
  • Trying to save a customer while the computer's time zone is in the Eastern Hemisphere (most of Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.). Please switch to a timezone in the Western Hemisphere (North America, South America, etc.) instead.
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