How do I recover lost OnGrid files?

This article covers what to do if your OnGrid files (i.e. everything in your "OnGrid" folder) is lost or deleted.

If you have your OnGrid files backed up elsewhere recently, simply restore the files from there. For example, if you've backed up your files to an external hard drive, copy the files from the hard drive onto your computer. Open the OnGrid Tool again by clicking on "OnGrid Tool.xls" or create a shortcut to that file if desired.

If you're using a cloud storage service like Dropbox or an online backup service like Carbonite, please refer to their respective documentation on how to restore backups.

Otherwise, do the following:

  1. To re-install the Tool, install as before, except that you needn't set your username and password again if it's already set
  2. If you've recently synced your customer data with OnGrid Sky, you can sync again and restore your customer data
  3. Manually set your Tool settings or have a colleague share their settings with you

You can also use a third-party data recovery tool or service to restore your files.

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